Estan aqui porque son lo mejor de lo mejor

because there are things you need to say without words

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Last commish done for Gossymer. Young Stiles and young Derek together :D

Guys! Leila completed my commish! Boy was she superfast XD Had this vague hope that it would be done in time for my birthday but whoa, she beat that by two weeks.

Y’all might remember that post last month - it was for a three panel set with age progression.

The concept was young!sterek where ther magical hijinks that get them both de-aged or its a complete AU where they grow up together and there’s not so much of an age gap.

And basically by the third panel, Derek has pretty much decided he and Stiles are for keeps. A

And with all the time he’s spent with Stiles, Derek’s agreed to get a dog, two cats (oh, let’s not forget the bunny!)and that they’ll go on many, many adventures together (which may or may not include lots of bed time cuddles for Stiles and lazy kisses and spooning for Derek)

I wish I could afford the other scenes in that concept post - especially the Calvin and Hobbes-esque one and halloween and…who am I kidding - I want all of them XD 

Leila: so good at what she does, she has to be evil *worships and crawls away, wanting even moar*